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Experimenting with TweetDeck and Utterli

In technology on September 27, 2008 at 4:27 pm

So I have been playing with TweetDeck.   First off let me say that I generally use twitter to update my status’s on other sites more than for the conversational aspect of it.   Some people can drag me into one but, eh not much interest there.

After a short stint with Utterli, I can see it’s usefulness if I wanted to post other media in twitter-like fashion, but really, the application itself (uploading the latest picture on my blackberry or whatever) just isn’t where I’m going to be doing things.  That doesn’t mean I can’t see someone who’s way of expression and sharing wouldn’t be a user, it’s just not me, so I fall back on twitter.

TweetDeck on the other hand seems pretty cool, because unlike the twitter feed on site, this will keep updating and give you offline capability because it is an air app.    Now, that still isn’t a killer app for me, but having the feed update with the few people I am following on twitter is kinda nice.  I’m usually not cut off from a network connection so tweeting offline seems, well, weird.  If a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound?   I’ve complained in the past that facebook should update itself (there probably is some app that does, but the effort in finding one just hasn’t been a priority.

TweetDeck has all this other stuff that it does, that I’ve been poking at, but the .tv connection although cool is also one of those areas where the solution has been provided for a problem I am not trying to solve.

Finally TweetDeck acts differently on my powerbook vs my work laptop.   The replies window on the powerbook installation doesn’t show anything or seems to drop stuff.   On the PC version it seems to work correctly.

The look and feel of the AIR app is slick although changing column widths would be a useful feature (they seem to be stuck at a standard size (at least on my mac).    At this point I’m using it and I think it is pretty cool.  However, I’ve had to drop several of the people who I follow because they follow me.  They just have started to say some weird things and just don’t need to see it (esp. since I don’t know who the hell they are).  They haven’t said anything to me personally but their random thoughts are…disturbing?

AppleTV and HD movie rental…

In technology on September 20, 2008 at 9:45 pm

I finally rented a movie last night from my AppleTV.   I saw that they had the “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” in HD.   It was great.  It may have been in HD, but of course it was without 21st century special effects.

Actually selecting and starting the movie was so fast I wasn’t sure if I had been charged correctly.   I suppose that one thing I’d change on the UI is that your payment method ought to be shown (aka tell me if I am using apple $$ credits or if it will be going to my credit card…why should I have to go to itunes on a PC to figure this out?)

I think I want to rent the Bourne movies and the Stargate movies since those are also in HD.  The kids enjoyed the movie too, but I had to keep telling them to listen to the dialogue (“hours would seem like days”  “His pattern indicates twodimensional thinking” et cetera).

Anyway, now that I’ve done it, anybody want to give me a gift, an itunes card would be nice 🙂

OSX Leopard on my Powerbook G4

In technology on September 18, 2008 at 2:32 am

Looking good.   I’ll be updating this as I have some more things to say.  Yeah I know, Snow Leopard is on its way, but I’ve heard that October the MacBook line is getting a refresh, so I’m still waiting, but in the meantime, I get to have some fun with this machine.

First cuts, Calendar and Mail are much cooler.   The cover flow in the finder is very cool, especially with the preview…very nice.

Workplace and QuickBase at Web 2.0 2008 in New York

In technology on September 18, 2008 at 2:24 am

In continuation of a phenomenal year for me, I’ve had the pleasure of managing one of the best product development organizations I’ve ever been associated with.  QuickBase alone is a very important product and has changes the way work groups share data or map a process but keep that data in the cloud, bypassing your IT department.   Using that very same technology, we’ve created a completely separate and different product offering…a platform called Intuit Workplace that allows 3rd party developers to create compelling apps (using Adobe Flex) and sell them in a marketplace head to head with competing solutions.

We’ve partnered with several online software as a service companies to deliver the Workplace experience in such a way that these 3rd party developers can sell their apps and we will provide them a place where end-users looking for QuickBooks connected web apps can buy them and will allow them to share data that is housed on their backoffice machine.  We’ve created a shopping mall for web products that help people share info…

This has been one of those “soul of a new machine” or “dreaming in code” years for me.  It’s really awesome to be a part of the current conversation…solving the socialization of business data issue while the conversation is still in debate.    As Quicken, Turbotax and QuickBooks have shaped a generation of people on how to use their computers to manage their finacial lives and businesses, I think Intuit, QuickBase and Workplace are once again shaping how people share and interact with data.

Can you tell I’m excited?