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So who is really qualified to be a president…

In politics on October 2, 2008 at 12:50 am

Nobody. No one is prepared to be President.  I’m going to lay it on the line.  Unless some financial or sexual scandal pops up, I’m voting for Obama for reasons that I’ve outlined before in this blog.  Much as I agree with McCain politically (aka mostly conservative, jump across the aisle to fix specific problems), I think that a new non-Vietnam generation needs to come into power.    However, I do not think that Barack Obama is the most qualified person in the country to be the president (and I don’t think that Hilary or Biden are either).

The thing that I really resent though is the elitist scrutiny that Sarah Palin has been subjected to.  Regardless of how you disagree with her (and I know that my friends on the left are absolutely apoplectic about her), she probably is just like most of us but got the political bug.  She did all her homework, played hard on the basketball court, competed in beauty pageants, got herself involved in politics,  and debated old white guys on TV and rose to the highest executive office in Alaska.   No small feat.

Probably 5 years from now, on a normal trajectory, she’d have run for the Senate and then she’d have met the qualifications for national leadership that the other 3 guys supposedly have.  Truly, not one of them has “executive” experience, even her.  And don’t tell me that Obama has “executive” experience because he ran a political campaign.  Bunk.   Handlers have surrounded him like any political property not dissimilar to Hollywood stars and their agents walking on the Red Carpet.    If he were truly “more” qualified than the rest of the democratic field his primary battle with Hilary Clinton would not have come down to 51/49 in his favor.

The press has been extremely rough on Sarah Palin.   What if McCain had shown up on your doorstep and said “I think you’d make a great VP candidate?”  or even Obama for that matter.  Would you turn them down based on your modesty?  “Oh Mr. Obama, I’m wholly unqualified to be the President, and therefore for the good of the nation I must turn down this offer”  Remember, she got the political bug and you may or may not have gotten it.

So she is kind of a duh.  “What magazine do you read?”  “Everything”  “Specifically?”  “All of them!”  That says to me that her handlers have so “prepped” her that she knows not to say she reads the Wall Street Journal, The Juneau Journal, the Moose Hunt Times, Newsweek and probably Better Homes and Gardens.  But is she not qualified?  She’s obviously a quick learn.  George HW Bush had the best resume of any presidential candidate ever sent by any party…businessman, congressman, son of a Senator, Captain of the Yale Baseball team, top of his class academically, Youngest pilot in the Navy in WWII, Decorated War Hero, Ambassador to China, Head of the CIA, Vice President…and you and/or your parents KICKED HIM OUT OF OFFICE!   Harry Truman was a Pendergast henchman who didn’t have a college degree, who never saw a business he couldn’t run into the ground and was a less than front office Senator.  When he was the president, he threatened to punch a critic of his daughter’s voice in the nose for a bad review.   In retrospect did Franklin Roosevelt screw up when he chose the common man from Missouri?  People hated Harry Truman especially the Taft wing of the Republican party. He drove them crazy!

Does anyone remember that Joe Biden dropped out of the 1988 race because he got caught plagiarizing a speech from Neil Kinnock, head of the opposition in Great Britain?  Is he qualified?  If he was so damn qualified, how come he couldn’t convince some significant percentage of 37 million Democrats that he was the most qualified to be president.   Do you remember that line from the Philadelphia Experiment, where the guy who had travelled forward in time asked who the president was and the response was “Ronald Reagan” and he looked quizzically at her and said “The Actor?????”

Do you remember the last 4 Legislators who served as President that were in office in succession?  Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford.   Ouch!   Kennedy couldn’t figure out how to invade Cuba and wiretapped MLK Jr, Johnson got stuck in Vietnam, Nixon oh man, and Ford freed Poland.  They were our best and brightest?  YIKES!

Anyway, I think that people ought to lay off.   Ask her real questions and if you disagree, awesome.  She doesn’t have a twitch like Inspector Dreyfus, she has a clean record for the most part, and for some people she’s a good conservative.   Truly this is the worst of all elections because none of them are really exceptional people, even by loose requirements.   I’m voting for Obama, but let her debate, succeed or fail, and lets move on.

  1. She did ok. I’m not saying she swayed my vote against her, but she at least represented a constituency and said what she wanted to say. One thing was clear was that Biden is Washington and she is not. I will say that her insistence on talking about energy independence was good, but she made the nuclear argument way too late (and of course democrats do run the other way on nuclear). One other thing…how do the Republicans keep finding people that can’t say NUCLEAR…Noo-clee-ar…not noo-cue-ler…AAHHHHH! the only thing drives me nuttier than that is when someone says ECSETRA for et cetera…

    Phew, now that that is over we can concentrate on the guys who are actually running for the Presidency.

  2. This is all quite frustrating for a moderately conservative Catholic voter.

    I think the new non-Vietnam generation is the same as the old. This idea of change is as old as the hills. Tax and Spend has been happening for thousands of years, this is just packaged differently and that’s what’s selling, a product, not a president.

    I’m still voting for McCain. Can’t get away from pro-Life issues. It’s hard to go through 2 IVF’s and come out without a stance on LIFE. Also I have a lot of frustration for judges who decide to legislate, especially in CA. Just try voting on a proposition here. It’s brought to a vote accepted then overturned. and changed. Argh!

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