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In Music, Random on October 18, 2008 at 4:09 pm

I enjoy playing the guitar.  I do not play with the skill of Eric Clapton.  I can’t play lead for beans.  There’s a certain element of bounded creativity to play lead that I just don’t get.  It never sounds right to me, no matter what sound effects I use. I can memorize the licks, so for example Freebird or More than a feeling or name your song, I can mimic it pretty well, I just can’t go there without a tether. So I stick to rhythm and chords.

The guitar in the my blog header is a Martin 000c-1e. I bought it in 2000. It’s a pretty nice guitar and the pickup works pretty well for the few cases where I’ve had to use it for a recording or in concert.   I have an old Sigma that I used since high school that I repaired myself without the right equipment.  It’s more of a dreadnought body and it definitely resonates the bass more than the 000, but the 000 has a very pretty sound in comparison.

A picture of a firebrand I found on the internet.

A picture of a firebrand I found on the internet.

I have a Les Paul Firebrand that I haven’t used much since High School that I bought new in 1980.   It pretty much stays in the attic with my 25 watt Gorilla amp.  It’s not a bad guitar, it’s got the double humbucker pickups and when I use the foot pedals I can have some fun.  Crank up the distortion and set the flanger a certain way and play “Snowblind” by Styx or something.   I discovered that now that I’ve had it since I was 16.5 years old that I can consider it a “Classic”.  When I poke around on e-bay, it looks like it could gather a couple $k (maybe 2) but I don’t think I’ll sell it.  I’ve never had any work done on it and so just for ha’s I might get it a tune up some day and see if works any better.

If the economy recovers and I recover from my MacBook purchase, I’d like to buy a nice 12 String.   I had a friend who had a Guild 12 String that was an awesome sounding instrument.  I’ve played around at the local shop a few times with a Martin 12 string and a Takamine.   $2500 dollars for a guitar, even a 12 string is an investment.  We’ll see.


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