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OK so I published my book…Urtaru…on Kindle

In career, Literature, Science Fiction, technology on October 26, 2008 at 4:27 am

Supposedly in 24 to 72 hours my book will appear on the Kindle site.  I had to scramble to make a book cover so that it had something to show when it listed it.

The publishing process itself wasn’t so bad.  I had to take the book which I have written in Apple’s Pages, export it to Word format, dump it to html and then upload it.  At that point I was able to see flaws in my stuff.  In one section (the piece I put here in a previous blog entry) the settings for the footnotes got all screwed up and ended up as end notes.  Being as how this wouldn’t make sense since these were footnotes for a chapter which was being presented as a excerpt from another text, and not the whole book I had to play with the HTML to get it to the right place.

Once I fixed that I noticed that on the very last page, I never indicated that book was finished.  So I added some text to indicate that this was the end of the first of 3 books.

Setting the price was strange.  I have no gd clue how much this book is worth.  and Amazon gives me 35% of the price that I list it for.  so if they sell it for more I get screwed.  But if they sell it for less, there’s a chance that they’ll lose money.

So in a couple of days, the book should be available for kindle download.  I haven’t heard that people are getting rich beyond their wild avaricious dreams but you never know if someone likes it and wants to make a movie 😉

  1. Hey my name means Flintstone too! Congrats on the new release Mr. F.

  2. Welcome to my blog, Armen Flintstonian…i hope you find my rendition of the infamous Pascal Armenag Chakmakjian entertaining!

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