Armen Chakmakjian

Starting to work on Urtaru II: The Judge…

In Literature, Science Fiction on November 4, 2008 at 3:51 am

So I’m working on the second book in the trilogy: Urtaru II: The Judge.   My idea is to write this in the first person as Adam Philip-Augustus Urtaru, the 2nd of 3 of 3 in the prophecy writes a compendium of information for his son, who is the 3rd of 3.   Essentially he will be building a case against his own father, Pascal Adam Scintilla, who makes some devastating mistakes later in life.  In the process he pronounces judgement on his father.  Pascal knew (from his dream sequence in the first book) that his son would be his judge.

Anyway, the Judge being a powerful metaphor in the Bible, I think I can build a story around it.   In the first book I used the biblical metaphor of the Ancient City as a basis for the actions of the characters, and I used the Battle of Vienna as the historical story around which the actions of the battling armies and leaders were acting.   The Judges in the Old Testament gave way to Kings and there is something in that that can be used as the basis for the character transformation of the 2nd of 3.  Putting aside the religious stuff for a moment, the Bible has great stories and metaphors that are central our western understanding about the conflict between good and evil.

The other idea that I have is that the American Civil war is the perfect model for the next intergalactic conflict that the urtaru clan must deal with.  The American Civil war had many “personalities” which you could base characters on.  Lincoln, Seward, Grant, McClellan, Lee, Davis just to name a few, it’s ripe picking one or two as character profiles.   Of course, the 2nd of 3 is also supposed to be based on my father, so his personality traits will seep into the text, especially the judgements he let me in on about his own father and his attitudes on education, work and moving from one place to civilization to another.

So anyway, that’s the idea.   Given that it took me about 20 months to put the first book together, this is going to take some time.   By that point either the Kindle will be mainstream or it will be another palm pilot handheld (useful and ubiquitous for a while and then nothing).  Wish me luck.


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