Armen Chakmakjian

MS-Word gotcha..

In technology on November 15, 2008 at 5:58 am

So last night my younger son handed me an essay he was writing, asking me to read it.  I started marking up the page and then asked him why didn’t he fix this in word? 

He said that word wasn’t reporting any errors any more.   I was incredulous so I went over and tried to turn grammar and spell checking on and it was on, but it wouldn’t report errors.   My son informed me that he even cut and paste the contents of this word doc to an empty word doc, and it didn’t report errors.  I tried it myself and he was right.

I spent a few minutes going through all the settings and finally threw up my hands.  then I opened a new doc and typed in “be it ever so himble”  and bango himble was underlined.   Then I pasted in the copy buffer, and it still had no errors…AHA!

So then I opened notepad and pasted the text into it and then cut it again and pasted it back into word and voi la, the errors were starting to get reported again.

So when I asked my son “are you sure that you didn’t touch anything?”  He said that there was a pull-right “ignore all” that he hit when he had selected the whole doc…AHA!

Evidently the paste buffer on office is preserving more than just the
formatting of the text copied, it is also carrying over any settings
about actions/parameters for the copied text.  Yikes.  I wonder how many people were driven nuts by this feature.


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