Armen Chakmakjian


In technology on December 2, 2008 at 3:28 am

So I signed up for a new offering called ilist this evening.   It’s an interesting twist on the craigslist genre.  I’m not one who has often sold/promoted anything on using this method.  So just as an experiment I listed a pointer to a free excerpt of my book, for no other reason than to try it.


ilist has a really nice clean looking product.  as opposed to craigslist, which looks like a web 1.0 forum, this has nice ajax look and feel, meaning things do things you expect on the browser.   From a UI ease of use perspective, they’ve done a good job of leading you by the nose through the process of listing something, without clippy getting in your face.

General Setup:

Getting started was quite easy.  ilist makes sure that you are you by sending you a text message with a code you can use to verify who you are.  I was up in about 1 minute.


ilist has this concept of Karma that they promote whereby the more you share, the more Karma you earn.  list something, you get Karma.  Share it via facebook or twitter, you earn more Karma.   You can also promote your friends products to gain Karma.   It wasn’t too clear to me how to cash in on my Karma, but I saw I was accumulating it during the experiment.

Social Network Connections:

ilist provide a series of connections to the typical social networking sites as well as allowing you to send promotions through Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.  It’s a pretty comprehensive list.   A few minutes after I promoted my listing through facebook and twitter, I saw my feed on facebook get a new entry.  I’m not sure what it did with the twitter update, but if I see it, I’ll say so in a subsequent comment.   Promoting virally is part of the value proposition.


ilist presents the typical classified ad/personals listings which you can browse.  You can pretty well tell, for the geographic area you ask to focus in on, whether there is something there or not under the page of categories.  There’s a quick search at the top of the category browser for you to drill down into the listings.

Terms of Use/How do they make money?

ilist is free, as far as I can tell, at the moment.  In the terms of service it does say that from time to time certain services can be paid for through major credit cards.   However, they do explicitly say that they do not take part in the transactions between buyers and sellers (so this isn’t ebay).


Anyway it seems like a pretty cool set of services, well presented and organized, easy to use, and not too in your face helpful but helpful nonetheless.   Something you all should check out if you have things you want to sell or promote services/stuff on the web.


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