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The plan over the holiday…

In career, Literature, Random, Religion, Science Fiction on December 21, 2008 at 6:46 am

Over the Christmas/New Years Holiday I will be doing 2 basic things (for me…beside the general celebrations and visits):

  • Reading “Troublesome Young Men”
  • Carving out some time to write a significant amount of book 2 of the Urtaru Trilogy.

School (and several releases of software this fall) really got in the way of both reading and writing for pleasure.   Actually both school and work combined with the typical end of first semester for the kids concerts and games and whatnot so that I haven’t worked out since the week after Thanksgiving except for once.

I’ve talked a bit about where I’m going with Urtaru II: The Judge, but “Troublesome Young Men” I’ve not mentioned.  This book tells the story of rebellion of Tory MP’s against Neville Chamberlain’s government and the policy of appeasement and the movement to install Winston Churchill as PM.  The claim is that these men essentially saved Britain and maybe the West.  We’ll see.  If the story is compelling enough, I might work some historical facts into my 3rd book.

Anyway I have to get back on track with reading and writing and working out because this next semester is going to get hairier with me taking the 3 prefoundation classes (in the span of 2 classes).  Finance, Accounting and Managing People.   I think I get the 3rd, and I know a wee bit about Finance from past experience and a class I took about a year ago…but accounting is going to be all new.

Oh yeah and I have to still come up with lesson plans for my Sunday School Class.  They’re real smart kids and I don’t want to waste their time, so I do spend a fair amount of time doing research and prep work for each class.  There’s a link on the 3rd column of this blog my class site if your interested in some Armenian Church Trivia.  I don’t claim unerring knowledge, but there’s about 4 years worth of lecture notes and other stuff there (I’ve been teaching for 10 years now, but the first 6 I taught 1st Grade…which is a little different than teaching High School class I’ve had these last 4 years).


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