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What a tangled Web we weave!

In technology, web 2.0 on January 17, 2009 at 2:03 pm
How I manifest myself on the web

How I manifest myself on the web

So I did a little experiment this morning.  I wanted to map out how i have all the various social network sites tied together.  I’ve pretty much debugged the cross-posting double-pump problems.

Start anywhere on this chart, consider that a point of adding content (whatever media: text, graphical, video) and then follow the arrows until it looks like you will go back on yourself and stop (so where FF and Twitter connect, I have it set up that they won’t double pump info onto each other)

Anyway, for the moment I’ve got it such that if I want something to permeate through almost everything, I start at   At ping I can select everything to get updated OR I can make it so that only microblogs or status’s get updated (these are the levers that I was hoping I could find but failed to find in FF).

Ultimately, all updates end up at 3 endpoints as feeds: Twitter, FriendFeed and Plaxo.  I’m trying to avoid massive updates of Facebook because I think it isn’t a good place for that so I broke those connections (that’s the point of the levers…now I can selectively update facebook along with the rest if I desire to do so).

Anyway, I just though it an interesting exercise in mapping.  Oh yeah, and some of those places actually have RSS feeds from other places, I suppose if I added them in it’d go from web to rat’s nest.

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