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Modified my social network map…

In Random, technology, web 2.0 on January 18, 2009 at 3:37 pm
What a tangled web we weave part II

What a tangled web we weave part II

In another post I started to map this out.  So last night, I started poking around each of my feeds to make sure that I got it right.  I don’t use utterli much so when I went over there I noticed that my feed from ping was going there.   I’m not seeing stuff from double pumping into twitter if I start at so something smart is going on here.  As one comment pointed out in my original post on all the social networks I was looking at, I can see how the ping -> friendfeed as the two ends is pretty useful.  The only thing that is odd is that the thing that I was trying to avoid was double pumping any of the sites, and it looks like friendfeed gets a copy of at least 3 to 4 depending on where the content starts.   I suppose in that way, I can use FriendFeed as a diagnostic tool for the rest of the network.  If for some reason something isn’t getting through I can tell from there.  But the jury is still out.

Truly though, there has to be a winnowing of technologies here.   As I mentioned somewhere else, back in the day when Palm first added the IrDA to beam things to other devices (before bluetooth), I had a small 2 line 2-way skypage motorola pager.  It had a single toggle key to allow you to blip out <300 character messages which could go from one pager to another (via the 877 numbers) or to an email address, or call a phone number and have the message read to the person answering (that was cool).   In those days most people still didn’t bring laptops to meetings, but I had my palm and a keyboard.  Which was an oddity.  Then I found an app on the palm that talked to the pager via the IrDA and I was able to send email real time in meetings to people and not be staring into my pager (like people do now with blackberries).  Somebody would say, we need an email sent to so and so, and I’d say, “Give me a sec”  I’d type it in, pick the person’s name from my palm address book, and hit send, and lift up my pager to the top of the palm and zing the message went out.  This was actually not dissimilar to tweeting because I could send email to distributions also.  Just as I got this all debugged and working (I also used Lotus Organizer on top of Lotus Notes to sync my palm….I could draw a map like the above about how this was all connected) Moto and RIM started coming out with the pagers with the small thumb keyboards attached.   My marrying of technologies was no longer looked upon as cool, it was suddenly a contraption right out of Rube Goldberg.

I mention that story because, again, having all these social networks all pinging each other is quite cool.  But at some point it is technology for technologies sake and will be winnowed, or whittled down so that the web isn’t just a rat’s nest.  There really ought to be 1-3 front end content generators (for arguments sake, Google MSN/Yahoo WordPress) which talk through a couple of sieves (Twitter, Facebook, Some IM engine) and maybe have a couple of rss feed aggregators (Google, FF).  I’m not picking technologies I’m somewhat agnostic (or in this case omni-gnostic),  I’m just saying, there are too many things now and winnowing is inevitable.

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