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Social Media Jungle Wrapup

In Random on March 10, 2009 at 9:08 pm

So I spent the day at the Social Media Jungle event today in Waltham. We had a great set of mostly non powerpoint discussions about the magic that is going on by companies and people leveraging social media for personal as well as business reasons. We started by having @jeffpulver and @cc_chapman about the power of the various types of content that could be used.

We then had @rdale engage the crowd in a lively discussion about how the twitter stream could be used to essentially be the data store for all kinds of information that could be sliced and diced for various reasons. @philbog and @robertpila had some good questions for @rdale

We then had a discussion about aggregation and the compuserve generation run by @joecascio This got people discussing ping, sweetcron, friendfeed and of course facebook and twitter.

After that we had a panel discussion led by Doug Levin by two small businesses who started based on solving a problem through social media. The interesting thing was @runmyerrand where people basically post errands they’d like other people to run for them and then created a whole commerce engine based on credits that allows people to barter errands and other things.

Following that interesting discussion, @Pistachio got up and talked about social media and social good through non-profits. Her basic message, using twestival as a core of the discussion, is that the content you provide is what is important and how you put the idea out there. She also talked about pinkslipparty…it was a pretty interesting story about how a simple idea turned into a 45 person event complete with all kinds of services that the people who got pink slips could use.

One interesting discussion that was inspired @suzicraig was how people should be using twitter to start discussions and not just broadcast information. A flurry of tweets followed this one point, not just the discussion in the room.

@jeffpulver talked about pursuing passion and firing yourself.

@SteveGarfield then got up and talked about social media and its effect on journalism. did a great example of video streaming and at one point had us all take a picture of all his gadgets and simultaneously twitter our pictures.

@acce then got up and talked about how Intuit has been growing on social media.

@justinlevy talked about how he promotes his restaurant via a variety of social media including video podcasts related to foodie stuff but not directly related to his restaurant.

Then I had to leave to go back.

It was a inspiring talk not just for me as an Intuit Employee, but me as a person trying to market my book using these media.

BTW my twitpic stream should have a bunch of pictures of the event on it.



  1. I have almost no idea what your talking about. You make me feel like a really old, out of touch fogey. That’s okay, because basically that’s what I am. I’m getting dire threats from Intuit because I won’t upgrade from Quicken 2006.

    According to an old friend in the defense industry, social networking has become a big deal in the Pentagon. Be careful not to promote terrorism.


  2. Get a facebook profile and all the people we knew from Teradyne will friend you. Then you’ll watch their status’s pensively to find out if they are eating pizza tonight, playing role games, or posting pictures of their trip to aruba. Then you understand half to three quarters of what’s going on out there. Then when your high school friends from champagne try and friend you, you’ll have reached nirvana or valhalla or some other -a

    a hop skip and a jump later, you’ll be twittering, and probably have a myspace page about your karaoke exploits… 🙂

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