Armen Chakmakjian

Tuesday Night Chat…On Urtaru and Writing in general…

In Literature, Science Fiction, web 2.0 on April 6, 2009 at 3:43 am

So I’ve started to memberize myself (making that word up is called taking literary license) on a bunch of reader and author websites.  One of them is sponsored by HarperCollins and it is called Authonomy, and I’m pretty impressed.  A lot of authors out there trying to get noticed and a lot of their material available to read and review.  That also means since I am partaking, I got some reviews too.  I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction.

Another site that I joined is called Goodreads. This is more of a reader’s site, although they support Authors as personalities on the site.  So I’ve created an “event” starting Tuesday night at 7:00, in a discussion group of my own creation on goodreads where I’ll be answering questions as they come up in various threads.  Simultaneously, I’m going to be monitoring the twitter hashtag #Urtaru to see if anybody posts any questions out there…I’ll repost to the goodreads site and answer them.

I’ve sent invitations out through Facebook, and I’ve gotten a few positive RSVPs.  At a minimum, the few people who are committed to making it and I can have a thread of discussion about my book (the main topic) and whatever thoughts come up on writing that first novel or self publishing or other people’s favorite books.

So please join me at my goodreads event @7pm EDT through probably 10.   The actual event (because of goodreads advice) is actually for 2 weeks, so if you can’t make it that night, post a question on either twitter or on the forum itself, and I’ll answer it.  I’m hoping some budding or experienced authors stop by and at least check in.  I’ve met some very good writers on the Authonomy site…maybe they’ll pop in.

There are several levels of learning in this event for me, not the least of which is how I can use social media to create a sense of community around a product or an event.   Another of course is to exchange information from people about writing and reading.  So please, if you are on twitter, announce yourself with the #Urtaru hashtag and come and join in.  and if you aren’t twitterful, just stop in and say hello in a forum post.



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