Armen Chakmakjian

Star Trek: The Awesome Generation

In 60's Television, Science Fiction on May 11, 2009 at 12:57 am

OK late in the day today I saw the new Star Trek movie. It was a great movie. Excellent story, excellent special effects, hilarious dialogue

Being that it is an altered timeline from the original (by the very nature of the plot) it was actually fresh and not just an in between Jonathan Archer and ST:TOS…Ya know, the way that all the series and movies began to go I was worried that the Borg would make a reappearance. But they don’t…Phew!

There was a lot to enjoy in this movie. Both the new Spock and the new Kirk were well played…and the cool thing here was that the new Kirk doesn’t always get saved by Spock…well at least not by his contemporary Spock anyway.

The Kobayashi Maru reference was excellent. It was excellent seeing Kirk outsmart Spock.

Bones completely cracked me up. The characterization there was spot on…

There were a lot of little references that only trekkies would get…”how do we know he didn’t invent it” (Scotty to Bones: STIV) vs “you haven’t invented it yet” (Spock to Scotty)…Christopher Pike in the wheel chair again turning over control to Kirk; not exactly how it happened the first time. Now we have Chekov on the bridge, where he wasn’t in the original TV series until after Kahn (so Kahn should not have recognized him).

One of the things that this movie shows is that the command cadre of the Enterprise was the best of the best from a star fleet perspective…

I was quite impressed. The line that got me laughing the most though was at the about the normal farewell “being somewhat self-serving” I was howling.



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