Armen Chakmakjian

Magazines on the Kindle

In Random on August 27, 2009 at 4:00 am

So, this evening I poked around the Kindle store looking at newspapers and magazines.  The newspaper subscriptions were just too dear for me.  Getting the WSJ for $15 a month when I am already paying something less than that for my online subscription seemed a bit steep (and losing my ability to tweet or digg an article was just too high a price to pay).   The Boston Globe was $10 a month.  That seemed a bit steep…I only get the Sunday Globe as it is in paper…just not enough of a draw given that I don’t read a local newspaper every day anymore.

So I looked at the Magazines.  I tried to find something that I’d read on a frequent basis.  Years ago I had a subscription to The Atlantic and let it lapse at the onset of the the Mosaic/Netscape era.  I really enjoyed the short stories and in depth articles.  I didn’t always agree with the poltical POV of the Atlantic, but I couldn’t say that the articles weren’t well researched and well written.  So I signed up for the trial subscription.

The first thing I noticed was that the navigation for the Magazine left something to be desired.  I expected a table of contents and I got a confusing table of sections that led you to the Articles, but no TOC.  It was just weird.  If they are attempting to come up with a new metaphor for navigation, its usefulness is lost on me.  And I’ll navigate my way through a lot of odd stuff.

There are a couple of Sci-Fi magazines that I may try, lets see if they allow me to navigate without scratching my head.

Oh and as an aside, flipping pages on the Kindle vs flipping pages on my wife’s iPod Touch:  The iPod Touch wins.  The touchscreen and the motion of flicking the page is much more natural than hitting the quirky buttons on the sides of the display.  Might I suggest that if you can’t make the screen a touchscreen on the Kindle, you could replace the previous and next page buttons with a touch strip just below the screen that you can move your finger across in a similar fashion to flipping a page that would match the expectation.

Anyway that’s just me.

Still loving the Kindle overall though…


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