Armen Chakmakjian

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize? Give me a break!

In history, humor, politics on October 9, 2009 at 9:49 pm

First off, I can say this because

  • I voted for him
  • I have a right to free expression
  • I have to laugh

So lets get this straight.  Nominations were due on Jan 30, 10 days after the inauguration…so singlehandedly without most of his transition done, in 10 days Barack Obama changed the world peace situation.   What did he do wave his wand?

The Nobel Peace prize has been won by significant people AFTER they did something significant to change world peace…like Begin and Sadat, like Mandela, Martin Luther King, et cetera et cetera…Heck Mahatma Gandhi DIDN’T GET ONE!…it makes no sense to award one to a newly elected leader just for showing up and warming the chair!

What’s next?

  • Obama wins an Oscar for his inaugural address?
  • Obama gets the Baldridge award for running and efficient Campaign?
  • Obama wins the congressional Medal of Honor because a some congressman noticed we had 1 extra in the drawer for 2009?
  • Obama wins the Charlie’s Angels award for best imitiation of John Forsythe saying “Bosley”
  • Obama awards himself the Presidential Medal of Freedom, because, well, he can?
  • Obama wins the Silvio Berlousconi award for best swooning attitude?
  • Obama wins on the Price is Right (except he had to play from the Oval Office)?
  • Pope to issue an encyclical that called “Barack Obama est valde , es vos?”
  • Barack Obama is awarded Stigmata by God for his service to humanity.

I like the guy.  I don’t agree with everything he’s doing, but he’s ok.  But that doesn’t mean I give him a medal for just showing up!

  1. Remember that we said Yes-sir to Yasser as well in 1994.

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