Armen Chakmakjian

Apple Time Capsule

In technology on October 23, 2009 at 3:24 am

So as I tweeted tonight, I received my 1TB Apple Time Capsule today and installed it to replace my aging Linksys router and to capture my dream of having a network disk mounted that all my machines could use (and maybe do some backups).  The real reason is that I need to back up all my important data on my Windows vista 64 bit machine that is just not cutting it.  Vista sucks and I have a W7 disk waiting, but I do NOT trust that microsoft with not destroy something (no matter what Walt Mossberg and Steve Ballmer say).  So I have a 24 hour backup going on to get 226G of important information copied to the time capsule and then I will feel safe to do the upgrade.  Why am I doing this?  Well Vista 64 sucks and my wife has an iPod touch that I cannot upgrade to the latest OS because windows vista is so screwed that I can’t upgrade iTunes (trust me I’ve done everyting including a bare metal install of iTunes…I’ve followed every web suggestion to play with the registry and msconfig, I’m done going down that path)

So rather than do the CNet thing and show how I opened the box, I’m going to cut to the chase.

    1. The software loaded flawlessly on my mac
    2. I set up the Time Capsule as both a disk and as a router
    3. I set up both a regular network as well as a guest network, both wpa2 et cetera et cetera
    4. My macbook pro connected to it.
    5. I went to connect my old powerbook (running osx) and it would NOT connect.
    6. I noticed that I had lost my connection on my macbook, and tried to reconnect to no avail (including the airport software that I just used to configure the device.  its scan button did NOTHING.
    7. I could not get the airport utility to see the time capsule anymore.
    8. My wired connection through it was working (my pc is wired to the router)
    9. In frustration I hit the reset button on the time capsule and saw that I was again able to see the time capsule on my macbook
    10. I reset all the stuff I did from steps 2-5 again and again all my machines got dropped.
    11. at this point I was so frustrated that even the reset again and did it again
    12. In desperation I connected my macbook pro to the “guest” network.  voi la a connection.
    13. I then asked to connect to the primary network…voi la again a connection
    14. did the same thing on my powerbook
    15. did the same thing on my G1
    16. did the same thing on my wife’s macbook
    17. What do I mean the same?  I connected to the guest network first then the private network
    18. Being the engineer, I reset the time capsule again, and re-setup the whole thing again and go the same results.
    19. Then I reset the time capsule and set up everything EXCEPT the guest network.
    20. Now everything connected to the private network first time…all 6 wireless devices.  No connection timeouts, nothing went wrong.

Being an Apple promoter, more technical than the average consumer, and persistent because of both an engineering background and Armenian DNA, I kept with it.  My conclusion?

Apple, you blew it with this device.    The fact that it not only dropped all the ancillary devices but the macbookpro with the airport software installed…

Well anyway, its up, i’m backing up my PC onto it AND I’m about to install windows 7-64 on my PC (probably tomorrow night at this point).  I’ve forwent the guest network for now since it just seems to complicate things.

It’s working and doing most of what I expected (including the dual band network for my apple TV to connect to) So I guess I’ll keep it.


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