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Here’s the killer-app for 2010: Anti-Social Media

In 60's Television, humor, Random, Social Media, technology, web 2.0 on December 29, 2009 at 4:20 pm

So a former colleague of mine and an entrepreneur mused on his facebook page:

How many friends are too many friends? and how many enemies are too many enemies?
Or are a thousand friends few and an enemy too many?

Being a smart-ass, I had to reply to this:

Hey, you’re an entrepreneur, you should start a site called InYourFaceBook…instead of friending people, you enemize people. you sign up enemies instead of friends…play games, send them hugs (deadly embraces), molotov cocktails et cetera

to which he replied:

That’s it you are officially my mentor from now on 😎 what should I start with?

And since we were brainstorming at this point, I continued to let it flow:

Since this idea is the basis for ubiquitous anti-social media, you should start with a premise of a nixonian enemies list. Just list all the people you hate, call google through an api which returns last known email address and photo of that person. Then send out dis-invites to start

I thought about what I had said: “ubiquitous anti-social media” and cracked myself up.  Then I thought about my idea and tried to get it down to its core.   When I had peeled away the crust, the mantle and the outer core…what I was left with was spam which like a disease had already been invented and through its generations of evolution reached its zenith in the form of Twitter.  Twitter is essentially a way for everyone to spam relentlessly without it coming into your email box.

Since I couldn’t come up with an ROI for an anti-social media app that really satisfied a pain point that wasn’t already solved by Twitter or it’s copies, I kinda dropped it.  But being as how all my social media sites are all tied together through a single update, I will now hit “publish” on this wordpress blog and it will be tweeted all through twitterdom.

BTW just to make this worth your while, I’ve included the spam scene from Monty Python (note of course how the repetition of spam in this moves like a retweet through twitter):

I hope you all have a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year in 2010!

Google Chrome Beta for the Mac

In technology, web 2.0 on December 18, 2009 at 4:10 am

So I spent some time tonight using Google Chrome Beta for the Mac.  I use Chrome (as well as every other browser except opera) on a daily basis on my windows machine at work.  On my personal mac, I had Safari and FF3 on the mac side, and IE8 and Chrome on the XP partition.

For those who read my comments on Chromium…this is different than that.  Chromium is a whole operating system with a UI that is a browser.   This is just a browser running on Snow Leopard (AKA MacOSX 10.6.2).

I use Safari most of the time on my mac, but use IE when I need to do stuff on the xp partition for school.  I also notice that when I use the outlook web version for work, it just works nicer on IE8 than on safari.

So, as I said, tonight I loaded Chrome on OSX.  I have to say its pretty fast.  I’d even venture to say that blew safari’s doors off on javascript intensive sites.  Just to see what would happen, I went to mobileme and the beta site.  Mobileme rendered flawlessly, while came up and complained that chrome wasn’t supported.  nevertheless it allowed me to continue and worked ok…although it got hung up a couple of times.

I’m going to use it for a few days and see what happens.  I like safari (although there aren’t the multitude of plug-ins like on firefox) and it tends to work fine and fast. definitely faster that FF.  But this chrome beta screams in comparison to Safari on some sites…

I tried FB, twitter, mobileme,, linkedin, my yahoo, yahoo mail, yahoo finance, digg, authonomy,, googlewave, igoogle, wsjonline, and wordpress.  All seemed to work just fine.

Anyway, if you have a mac, and you see the invitation when on a google site (gmail or whatever) download it and see what happens.


In technology, web 2.0 on December 15, 2009 at 4:52 am

So I upgraded my old t-mobile htc g1 to a verizon motorola drrrroiddddd this past weekend.  It’s an awesome upgrade.  the G1 was dying under the weight of the software upgrades on 1.6 and the newer apps.  And t-mobile’s phone coverage was adequate but spotty.  Verizon’s phone coverage is much better.

Anyway the first thing i noticed was that battery life was way way way better than the year old G1.  This is expected from a year old phone battery, but the change was dramatic.  In fact i have yet to turn off 3g service, so they’ve figured out how to keep it up without me charging the battery once a day (that was the case with the G1 even in the early days).

All the other wireless settings (bluetooth, GPS and wifi) were setup the same, but seem for some reason to be more sensitive.  I can’t tell if that is true, but the setup for my wifi never misses…as soon as i enter the house, switch to wifi from 3g.  The G1 would do it intermittently.

Google maps with voice. awesome.  Used it already.

facebook app, (seems to have more features than on the G1), came up within a few clicks.

BAD Very BAD….yahoo email service is gone.   I’ve been all over the net and tried all the remedies, but it will not connect to yahoo.  I can go through the browser of course, but that means I can’t see email notifications.  I can pay yahoo $20 a year for pop service.  but why?   I also noticed that the yahoo browser program no longer is downloadable on the droid market.  C’mon guys, get along…

gmail works great and every time I get a message DRRROIDDDD…it is kinda funny.

I use Moxier mail to get my work email.  I can’t figure out Verizon.  They are SO NICKEL and DIME.  If I use their email program, I get charged for activesync like $30 a month or something.  But if I use my own program free…watch, they’ll cut me off now that I’ve talked about it.  I pay for unlimited internet so don’t touch it.  Don’t mess with me, I have followers of my blog, facebook, twitter and on YouTube you know.   And I play the guitar, so I’ll write a verizon nickel and dime ballad and sing it for the masses!

The phone has a 5mp camera.  I can’t imagine what the photos and videos are going to be like, but i can see doing more stuff.

One massive advantage for those of us luddites who like bluetooth, but still have wired full headgear with a boom mic, there’s an actual jack.  And not the usb appendage on the G1 that prevented you from charging and using a wired headset at the same time.

Oh did I say that QuickBase works great on the mini-chrome browser?  reports look pretty good and most forms come up in looking good.  On the G1 version of the browser (with the slightly smaller screen size) QuickBase forms seemed to go over the right edge of the screen a little bit if they were complicated.

On the suggestion of a friend, I loaded google sky maps.   it is awesome.  Now all I need is a clear sky app 🙂

With the deal/plan I got, I have visual voicemail.  Waiting for someone to leave me a voicemail 🙂

OK so the one thing that this cannot do is play my relatively vast iTunes library.    Oh well.   I’ll probably load imeem again or something to get the doobie brothers channel or something so that I can get some of my music.  I can put some on a card, or buy songs from amazon, but I just can’t see it.  not worth it.

One extremely awkward thing.  You can’t get to the dialer directly from the main screen like you could from the G1 button panel.  This proves to be rather annoying.  You have to (unless you have the bluetooth earpiece on) hit the home button and then select phone.   This is rather annoying.  C’mon google/motorola, some of us still call people from a phone…

All in all I’m pretty excited.  I need to get a mount to use it as my gps now and hand the nuvi to my wife for her car.  in the meantime its pretty cool.

As you know I love my mac, I’m intrigued by my AppleTV and thing the iPod Touch is an awesome thing and watch my iPhone friends browse effortlessly. I don’t get locked into anyone technology offering (heck I still use yahoo email)…..but this is a pretty damn nice smartphone.  Now if they could only get a kindle program for it 🙂  I mean, they have one for iPhone/Touch, they have a PC version and they have a Mac version now…

Physical stuff?  Screen is large and has great resolution.  keyboard is kinda strange.  It has a funny feel to it.  I didn’t care for the G1 keyboard (especially the fact that the button bar forced you to reach your right thumb over it to get to the right side of the keyboard.  But this keyboad is thinner and smaller in some ways.  It forces you to click less hard.  I’m still getting used to it, although after 3 days, it has trained me.

I’ll leave you with this final thought


A Poll: Which Version of Bach Brandenburg Concerto #2 do you like?

In Music on December 4, 2009 at 3:49 am

This sounds weird but I tweeted which version of Bach I was listening to and I got all kinds of opinions on my facebook page

Please feel free to comment on why you prefer the one you prefer…I’m very interested…

My Favorite Dilberts…

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