Armen Chakmakjian

Google Chrome Beta for the Mac

In technology, web 2.0 on December 18, 2009 at 4:10 am

So I spent some time tonight using Google Chrome Beta for the Mac.  I use Chrome (as well as every other browser except opera) on a daily basis on my windows machine at work.  On my personal mac, I had Safari and FF3 on the mac side, and IE8 and Chrome on the XP partition.

For those who read my comments on Chromium…this is different than that.  Chromium is a whole operating system with a UI that is a browser.   This is just a browser running on Snow Leopard (AKA MacOSX 10.6.2).

I use Safari most of the time on my mac, but use IE when I need to do stuff on the xp partition for school.  I also notice that when I use the outlook web version for work, it just works nicer on IE8 than on safari.

So, as I said, tonight I loaded Chrome on OSX.  I have to say its pretty fast.  I’d even venture to say that blew safari’s doors off on javascript intensive sites.  Just to see what would happen, I went to mobileme and the beta site.  Mobileme rendered flawlessly, while came up and complained that chrome wasn’t supported.  nevertheless it allowed me to continue and worked ok…although it got hung up a couple of times.

I’m going to use it for a few days and see what happens.  I like safari (although there aren’t the multitude of plug-ins like on firefox) and it tends to work fine and fast. definitely faster that FF.  But this chrome beta screams in comparison to Safari on some sites…

I tried FB, twitter, mobileme,, linkedin, my yahoo, yahoo mail, yahoo finance, digg, authonomy,, googlewave, igoogle, wsjonline, and wordpress.  All seemed to work just fine.

Anyway, if you have a mac, and you see the invitation when on a google site (gmail or whatever) download it and see what happens.


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