Armen Chakmakjian

Here’s the killer-app for 2010: Anti-Social Media

In 60's Television, humor, Random, Social Media, technology, web 2.0 on December 29, 2009 at 4:20 pm

So a former colleague of mine and an entrepreneur mused on his facebook page:

How many friends are too many friends? and how many enemies are too many enemies?
Or are a thousand friends few and an enemy too many?

Being a smart-ass, I had to reply to this:

Hey, you’re an entrepreneur, you should start a site called InYourFaceBook…instead of friending people, you enemize people. you sign up enemies instead of friends…play games, send them hugs (deadly embraces), molotov cocktails et cetera

to which he replied:

That’s it you are officially my mentor from now on 😎 what should I start with?

And since we were brainstorming at this point, I continued to let it flow:

Since this idea is the basis for ubiquitous anti-social media, you should start with a premise of a nixonian enemies list. Just list all the people you hate, call google through an api which returns last known email address and photo of that person. Then send out dis-invites to start

I thought about what I had said: “ubiquitous anti-social media” and cracked myself up.  Then I thought about my idea and tried to get it down to its core.   When I had peeled away the crust, the mantle and the outer core…what I was left with was spam which like a disease had already been invented and through its generations of evolution reached its zenith in the form of Twitter.  Twitter is essentially a way for everyone to spam relentlessly without it coming into your email box.

Since I couldn’t come up with an ROI for an anti-social media app that really satisfied a pain point that wasn’t already solved by Twitter or it’s copies, I kinda dropped it.  But being as how all my social media sites are all tied together through a single update, I will now hit “publish” on this wordpress blog and it will be tweeted all through twitterdom.

BTW just to make this worth your while, I’ve included the spam scene from Monty Python (note of course how the repetition of spam in this moves like a retweet through twitter):

I hope you all have a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year in 2010!


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