Armen Chakmakjian

Reeling in the years…

In Random on March 13, 2010 at 8:28 pm

So in recent weeks a bunch of friends from grammar school all started posting class pictures on facebook from way way back (yes the 1970’s).  Flair pants, leisure suits, short skirts and big hair.   we were 7-12 years old, 3rd to 8th grade.  It was funny reading people’s reactions to seeing the 35 year previous version of themselves.

Then on another thread a college friend posted a solemn quote from confucius or something and that generated a whole list of famous (and not so famous) quotes including some of our engineering professors’ utterances.  That prompted the following 2 memories from the circuits 1 lecture:
Story 1:
(imagine a lecture hall for 99 students with 125 students attending)
Prof D: The averrage of the lest test was a fifty ehseven. Come down and pick up your tests using de number you were given.
(Class goes rushing down)
Student (a Micro-E girl): Excuse me Professor?
Prof D: yes?
Student: You said that the average was a 57?
Prof D: yes?
Student: Is that a “C”?
Prof D: No dat’s an “F”
(a sudden silence as if all the air in the room were taken out, then just as suddenly the whole class bursts out in laughter)

Story 2:
(the one day I sat at the front of the room on the extra folding chairs in front of the first row of tables. Right behind me Wael and Raffi. One one side of me George and on the other Al).
Wael: (Lets out a REALLY loud fart and then turns to Raffi and yells) WHAT DID YOU DO?
(Class burst out into laughter and pandemonium, the professor quickly turns to the whiteboard and attempts to apply Thevenin’s theorem to a RLC circuit trying as hard as he can to suppress his own laughter…gaining his compusure finally after about 30 seconds, he turns around)
Prof D: (tap tap tap with the marker) “Quiet Pleece… (tap tap tap with the marker) Cu-why-ET! (tap tap tap with the marker) Dat is eenuf. (tap tap tap with the marker) stahp leffing! (tap tap tap with the marker)

I remember at the time, once quiet had been restored, I was trying to suppress laughing and doing a really bad job, so bad that both Al and George kept telling me to stop because each time a small amount of laughter couldn’t be suppressed they’d start laughing too.

Ahhhh School Daze…


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