Armen Chakmakjian

This first thing that popped in my head today on Fathers’ Day…Abbott and Costello on “Mudder and Fodder”

In Random on June 20, 2010 at 1:27 pm

BUD: Didn’t I see you at the race track yesterday?
LOU: Yeah, I was there. I like to bet on the nags.
BUD (grabs him): Don’t talk like that about horses! Do you realize that I have one of the greatest mudders in the country?
LOU: What has your mother got to do with horses?
BUD: My mudder is a horse.
LOU: What? I will admit there’s a resemblance.
BUD: Now stop that!
LOU: Is your mudder really a horse?
BUD: Of course. My mudder won the first race at Hialeah yesterday.
LOU: You oughta be ashamed of yourself, putting your mudder in a horse race.
BUD: What are you talking about? My mudder used to pull a milk wagon.
LOU: What some people won’t do for a living!
BUD: I take very good care of my mudder. If she don’t feel like running, I
scratch my mudder.
LOU: Now ain’t that cozy! I suppose if you get an itch, your mudder scratches you.
BUD: You don’t follow me.
LOU: Not when you’re related to a bunch of horses, I don’t. I won’t even
speak to you.
BUD: Will you make sense? I said I’ve got a fine horse and he’s a mudder.
LOU (does a take): He’s a mudder! How can he be a mudder?
BUD: Because he makes a better mudder than a she. Now I can’t waste my
time with you. I’ve got to go to the track and feed my mudder.
LOU: And what do you give the old lady for breakfast–oats?
BUD: Don’t be old-fashioned. Modern mudders don’t eat oats. They eat their
LOU: What did you say?
BUD: I said I feed my mudder his fodder.
LOU: What have you got–a bunch of cannibals?


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