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So I’m thinking about a kindle book promotion tying it to a donation to a charity…

In iPad, Kindle, Literature, Random, Science Fiction, Social Media, technology, web 2.0 on July 24, 2010 at 3:39 pm

So I was sitting here.  I’ve done a bunch of shameless self promotion in trying to get book sales. Remember, at the moment you must have the amazon kindle or a device that has the amazon kindle software (iphone/ipad/ipodtouch, pc, mac or android phone)  I’ve had several, nothing that’ll help me buy that writing grotto on Martha’s Vineyard, but I am much appreciative of the support.   I was thinking of doing something different, and I am looking for some opinions before I embark on this.   Here’s the plan:

From August 1, 2010 to Aug, 31 2010 I would tie sales of my books to a donation to a charity.  So for every copy I sold, I’d donate 1 dollar to a charity.   I also to generate some traffic and ideas, I’d use a PollDaddy poll with a set of potential charities (3-5 let’s say) and see what the general consensus was to whom I should donate the money to.

Oh and just for the sake of full disclosure, I’m currently on the 35% plan for Amazon, and my book is $7.  So a dollar a book is about 40% of my take but a dollar is easy to tie to the number of books sold.  500 copies, $5oo for example.  I’d obviously publish the results on this blog.

So just out of curiousity I’m going to take a poll of all of you out there:


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