Armen Chakmakjian

Bad design…FB droid app and taking pictures.

In Random on September 3, 2010 at 3:00 pm

So I use the facebook droid app.  Most of the time when I use my droid, I snap off pictures, then share the pictures from the camera app, which means I select FB, twitter, or email depending on what I am doing.  The good thing is that this way, the picture is immediately written to the flash card in the Phone.

If you take a picture in the facebook app itself and then say post it, it doesn’t write the picture first to local storage.  It immediately attempts to write it to facebook…and if it fails to upload (for example if 3G or the WIFI you were using goes down or something), it keeps the picture in the queue and lets you retry, but it never saves it to a memory as a file.

So that’s what happened to me yesterday.  I was at Northeastern dropping off my son yesterday and took a bunch of pictures and was attempting to upload them to facebook.  The 3G was intermittent and I didn’t think to switch over to to the guest wireless while I was in the moment.  So when a couple of the transmissions failed, I said I’d wait till I got outside to try again.  No sooner than I thought that, I was helping move something and my phone dropped out of my hand and splattered all over the floor, battery and all.  I put it back together, powered it up again and found that none of the facebook instigated pictures were there.  The ones that I took with the camera app were ok, the ones that were able to be transmitted from the facebook app were written to memory, but not the ones that failed to upload and were in the queue.   Gone.  6 pretty decent pictures.  which could have been saved if a simple write to memory were done (especially on failure to upload, I mean come on guys).

Anyway, I was a little disappointed.


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