Armen Chakmakjian


In Random on October 24, 2010 at 3:00 am

So I did a final few edits to the print copy of my book that I’m going to use createspace to publish and distribute.  I added a foreword and did some other cleanup of the cover text and whatnot.  Ordered and received a proof copy.  Then I found a single sentence that I just wanted to clean up in the foreword.  Then I looked at the proof again and noticed that some of my paragraph indents were wrong in the actual text of the book…all over the place.  I thought at first that I had screwed something up.  Then I went back to my pdf of the book (which is what I had to upload) and saw that, no, all my indents were correct.  It’s too bad you know, the first proof copy looks correct also (the one from late last year…yeah its been a year long project to clean this thing up for final printing), so I don’t know what got munged up in the translation.   So I have a message into their customer service.  I don’t want another screwed up proof (I do have to pay for them).   We’ll see Monday what they say as they said they attempt to respond in one business day.

The book does look all nice now and hopefully by mid november, I’ll have the e-bookstore working (createspace provides one and I attached it to my book website…right now it says it’s coming soon:-) )  If I don’t get satisfaction…lulu here I come.



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