Armen Chakmakjian

Lots of homework to do…

In Random on July 2, 2012 at 12:51 am

So being as vacations and holidays are coming up, and I’m taking a class I’m doing a bunch of homework all at once.  Lots of writing all in one weekend

  • a quick summary of an article on how Lego is marketing to girls
  • a case study on e-books
  • building up a balsamiq mockup of a product we’re going to test market (maybe) and running it by some target audience members
  • I have to find a product that was test marketed, describe the test and the result in 3 pages or less
I also have a bunch of “work” homework I need to do.  A combine the findings of two “code review” subgroups into a single authoritative statement on how to do them and some product roadmap stuff before I take some incommunicado time off.
Crud, I also need to make sure I have everything in place for an offsite I’m planning for my organization before I go incommunicado.
I also have “home” homework that I need to do.
Oh yeah and my book website is temporarily down because apple screwed me over it now looks like this:
I do need a vacation. :=)

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