Armen Chakmakjian

Initial thoughts on Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8)

In Random on July 27, 2012 at 2:09 am

I installed the update yesterday for 19.99. Awesome price. There are a bunch of new features which you can go to any site and get a large list, but here are my favorites and what I consider duds.

Dictation – I may start writing book 2 at a higher pace. This seems really cool.
Reminders – Shared across iCloud on all my devices. yay
Notification Center – Now this is REALLY useful and shows the convergence of iOS and OSX
iMessage – Way better than iChat, and again convergence. It was so cool today. I was using my phone and my wife was texting me from Costco. rather than futz with the iPhone, i put it back in my pocket (I was using earbuds to talk/listen) walked over to my mac and continued texting on iMessage on my mac with her (she has an iPhone).
New Safari – I really like the search built in (of course they were late to the table on this, but hey). The share directly to twitter or email is cool.
iCloud integrated into iWork applications on the desktop.

The Duds:
Dictation – I say “writing” and initially it came up “rating” I do not have a thick connecticut, massachusetts, NYC or western New York accent. My accent is pretty flat. However, this evening it seemed to figure out that I was saying “Writing” (I just did it). It seems like it needs to be trained (AKA like some artificial intelligence, the user gets trained)
iWork integration into iCloud – it was a little bit disconcerting that when I ha the same document open on both my desktop and my iPhone I didn’t see the changes I was making on one go to the other; it was forcing me to select or merge (BTW I dictated most of this last point and it did ok)
Mail – it didn’t seem like it had a lot of useful upgrades of course Smart mailboxes and the VIP stuff are interesting but I didn’t see a sort of a major upgrading utility or usability for the most common Monday and users (that was supposed to be mundane users…not Monday and users…dictation)
They still haven’t solved the simple issue that I want a network backup to a disk hanging off my airport extreme to be my time machine target, rather than a time capsule. That just pisses me off. That means I have to have a disk hanging off my Thunderbolt which I have to manually Eject each time I leave with my MBAir

Anyway, there’s obviously a lot more, but there are my initial reactions.


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