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In Random on August 26, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Notes of a Spurkahye Finally Come Home

A brand new study published in the latest edition of Science journal reveals the origins of the Indo-European language family located in ancient Armenian Highlands. The so called Anatolian urheimat theory first proposed in the late 1980s by Prof Colin Renfrew (now Lord Renfrew) received gradual acceptance, but remained controversial until a new method of studying language displacement was introduced by Dr. Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Using new scientific methods derived from evolutionary biology Dr. Atkinson and his team announce to have solved the mystery of the origins of Indo-European family of languages. Dr Atkinson and his team built a database containing 207 cognate words present in 103 Indo‐European languages, which included 20 ancient tongues such as Latin and Greek. Using phylogenetic analysis, they were able to reconstruct the evolutionary relatedness of these modern and ancient languages – the more words that are cognate, the more similar the languages are and the…

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