Armen Chakmakjian

Romnesia vs O-blah-ma

In Business & Finance, politics on October 20, 2012 at 8:55 pm

So sitting here watching the current campaign, I get a bit tired. Partisans on both sides claim the other person is evil incarnate, lacking leadership, clueless, unapproachable, mean, nasty, out of touch et cetera. I’m mostly disappointed. Truth is that Romney isn’t as deep a conservative as he had claimed he was, and Obama isn’t a socialist. Which if they weren’t pandering to their bases, they might actually be able to have a substantive debate on the nuances of their positions on the issues.

I voted for Obama four years ago partly out of fatigue, partly out of palinitis and partly because I thought about the historical and generational moment we were in. In that process I went against my, at that point, 20 year protest against the Democratic Party that considered mike Dukakis a reasonable candidate. Note I voted in 84 for Mondale.

Anyway, I don’t regret my vote in 2008, but now I have a severe case of o-blah-ma. He spends so much time blaming his predecessor for what he inherited instead of telling us what his vision is, I fall asleep. Blah. He has been oddly inarticulate about the very thing he feels so deeply and strongly about. He has no plan beside “what I did was right, let me continue”

In fact Romney was an ok governor at the time, nothing great, but he did work with a legislature that was completely from the other party, so he does know how to work an agenda while compromising. My big tag on him is corporate speak (executive leadership training speak) sounds really awkward in politics. He wants to talk vision-speak, but it comes out as org behavior vision speak. That’s why the “binders of women” comes off so dorky. In corporate settings, going and making contact with organizations for minorities and women’s groups as a part of making sure no stone is unturned and that you cast a wider net for leaders. But that doesn’t sound right in politics…although the jokes about bill Clinton wanting a copy of the binders was pretty funny.

Anyway, with 2 weeks to go I’m leaning right, in a state that capsizes left (except for governors oddly)…but that lean is mostly from disappointment, instead of ideology.


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