Armen Chakmakjian


In Random on October 20, 2012 at 4:08 am

So I paid for a copy of scrivener on the mac app store tonight.  I had been evaluating it and broke down tonight.  Anyway, I still had the $50 apple gift card that I got when I bought my iPad, so it was essentially free.  It does what I had tried to do by individual files when I first started writing.  I was writing one chapter at a time, each in its own file.  The problem with this was that when I needed to make a global edit, I had to edit every file.  It became unworkable.  

A while ago I had loaded what I have written of Urtaru book 2 into it.  It has a neat feature of allowing you to write scene by scene within a chapter.  There is also a character folder, which allows you to essentially create a character including descriptions (like a bulleted list).  This would have been great when I was writing book 1, as I was keeping an informal list of characters to keep my ideas about them straight.

I did notice that it had a template for an APA style report.  I’m not willing to mess with that in the middle of this semester, but it had all the standard research formats (which I didn’t know before I bought it).

Anyway, back to research on affordances and mental models.



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