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The Boston Massacre, and a wish for peace

In Random on April 16, 2013 at 1:37 am

I am continually amazed by the human species capacity to maim and kill itself, and in the most cowardly ways. To plant multiple devices where children were celebrating other people doing amazing feats of endurance.

We here in America shake out heads in disbelief at the way people in other countries kill themselves for religious reasons or just power. But we forget that in our midsts Timothy McVeighs still exist…The ones that plant a bomb and drive or walk away.


People keep reposting that picture of the guy in the wheelchair with his legs blown off. Stop.

It is too bad that the God created a world in which the idiots who create pain for others don’t get to feel the collective punishment in return for the pain they cause. Shouldn’t this asshole feel the pain of the 130 people maimed by survived while having to be haunted by the souls of the 3 so far that have died for all eternity? Maybe they will in hell, but human justice in the meantime will never be enough.

Hug your kid one extra time, kiss your spouse or s.o. and hold them for a moment longer, tell your parents how well they did, and remind your friends how important they are. Life can be cut short, pain can be sudden, so cherish everyone.