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Twitter feed for @E4E_DevConf

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Lots of really great feedback about @E4E_DevConf

Engineers4engineers conference

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Geeks are filing into constant contact’s 1601 trapelo road headquarters for a day of sharing and learning

Playing for fun…

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So at a friend’s annual party last weekend I got to jam a bit with some really great guitarists.  I was playing my Martin GPCPA1, they were playing some nice Taylors and we had a great time.  After a scotch or two, playing Rush’s “Limelight” on 3 acoustic guitars is pretty funny. My GPCPA1 continues to make me sound like a better guitarist than I actually am.  As I quipped right after I bought it, “I own a guitar now that I’m not a good enough guitarist to be worthy of playing.” practice, practice, practice…

Anyway, one of the Taylors was a student sized guitar, and it was pretty amazing sounding.  I’ve never heard a small guitar like that play that loud and clear.  As we were being amazed by the sound of it, I turned to one of the other guitarists and said, “Well that just goes to prove something I heard once, that Martins sound like they were built by God.  Taylors sound like they are built by Satan.”   🙂

…and geeks like me

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Haroutioun Hovanes Chakmakjian

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This is an electronic copy of the first armenian-american english dictionary:

Now I don’t have any idea if I am related to this Chakmakjian, but he was a professor at Tufts university early last century and a resident of Arlington, MA. One of his notable works was this dictionary. His other claim to fame was that he was the father of Alan Hovhaness, the Armenian-American composer.

Since i moved to Arlington, MA in 1990, many people (especially Armenians) have asked me if I was related to either the professor or the composer…dunno.

As the Chakmakjian side of my family came to America using a circuitous route that started in that same Adana, and around 1908 were driven into orphanages in Lebanon, then living in Jerusalem, Beit Jamal, Ramleh, Bethlehem, Jerusalem again, Amman, Jordan, then Bridgeport CT, I have no idea if we are related in some way way back way.

Why am I writing this? Well, I received a phone call from a gentleman who saw a picture of my younger son in the Arlington Advocate doing the high jump. The gentleman left a message since we weren’t home and I called him back yesterday evening. It turns out that he was a childhood neighbor and friend of the then Arlington Chakmakjians, and yes you guessed it, he wanted to know if I was related somehow.

So I hope you enjoy flipping through this pretty significant document that happens to have my surname in it, even if I can’t claim relations to the creator.