Armen Chakmakjian

Bourgeois revolution?

In Business & Finance, career, politics, Religion on July 1, 2013 at 1:40 am

So I was reading more about the protests in Egypt this week, along with some odd things going on in turkey, china, brazil and other places. A lot of talking-heads say that there is a pitched battle between state sponsored fundamentalism (whatever the religions involved) vs secular power.

I kinda disagree.

What we have here is an inverted Marxist revolution.  First lets get a definition out there for it:

Historically, the medieval French word bourgeois denoted the inhabitants of the bourgs (walled market-towns), the craftsmen, artisans,merchants, and others, who constituted “the bourgeoisie”, they were the socio-economic class between the peasants and the landlords, between the workers and the owners of the means of production. As the economic managers of the (raw) materials, the goods, and the services, and thus the capital (money) produced by the feudal economy, the term “bourgeoisie” evolved to also denote the middle class — the businessmen and businesswomen who accumulated, administered, and controlled the capital that made possible the development of the bourgs into cities.[8]

Rather than the “proletariat” the working masses rising up as Marx would predict, what you have is the middle class rising up, the so-called bourgeois claiming that the economic and political compact that they had in their societies have broken down. Educated individuals are most prone to the call of a systematic solution and call to action…that is why the Osama bin laden’s of any society, go after the disaffected middle class youth. They are the recently trained at looking at problems in a systematic way, and being currently disgruntled they will turn what may have been a religiously inspired altruistic streak into a fanaticism for righting a perceived moral wrong.

Once the disaffected educated started protesting, everyone else joins the party.

That’s my theory.   You can’t easily shoot or spend your way out of this. It’ll go up and down for a while.  I have no solution to offer. The best that can be done is to contain it and allow the people on the inside to get tired of it.

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