Armen Chakmakjian

Today I….

In Random on August 18, 2013 at 1:14 am

…worked outside most of the day. I happened to use a bow saw, an small ax, a two handed limb clipper, the 8 ft manual clipper with the handle pull, my long hedge trimmer (24″ on the 6 ft handle), my chain saw, my lawn mower, my drill ( to fix the flapper on the side of my lawn mower) and my toro leaf blower. Oh all the axes and whatnot were take down a way overgrown evergreen on one side do my house,and trim down its twin so that I could trim it easier next year as well as get lights on it for Xmas. And I did the lawns and blew the driveway clear of sand and grass clippings.

Had to attach my trailer hitch bike rack (to retrieve my wife’s bike from the shop)…put a new flame spreader on the grill that i bought a week ago and I had to switch tanks on my grill mid-meal prep, and discovered that the center burner on the grill had rotted through and needed to be replaced. Neither lowes nor sears had the burners so I ordered a set of 3 (might as well replace them all) on my iPad on the grill mfg site.

At the moment every bone and muscle in my body hurts.


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