Armen Chakmakjian


In wine and whiskey on August 24, 2013 at 12:59 am


Ok so on a lark yesterday, because I’m in an experimental mood, I bought the Kirkland 7 year “premium small batch bourbon”. I’d been on a kick of trying single malts and recently at my graduation party walked up the johnnie walker colors to blue. But this stuff was picked by costco, and they’d done a decent job of picking Kirkland branded single malts to sell once a year, so I trusted them.

So my reaction as I took my first taste, uncut: omg this stuff tastes like varnish! Now I know why the dukes of hazzard were always hootin’ and hollerin’ when they were driving. (Ok that was Georgia and this is Kentucky shine, but all the same when it comes to shine runnin’)

I then did what I normally do to non-peaty single malts, 2 pieces of ice. Shellac.

Then I put some crushed ice in it. Furniture wax.

Finally I added some water. At this point I wasn’t hopeful. I’d now doubled the volume of the contents in the glass. Wow…potable! It actually tastes not so bad for 20 bucks. Now I know how to drink it. But boy you really got to want this stuff straight…it’s harsh. Maybe not as harsh as a young talisker, but oooooeeeeee


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