Armen Chakmakjian

Costco has discovered Scotch

In Random on October 8, 2013 at 1:28 am

So I thought it was quite a find about a week ago when I was in Costco and I noticed that they had MacAllan 15 in the actual MacAllan box as opposed to their knock off Kirkland “15 year bottled by macallan”. The difference between the two is the original 15 is aged in oak and a bit harsh. The knockoff was 15 year in sherry casks, harsher than the 12, but less oak.

As I turned the corner to the expensive section of the liquors I noticed that they also had the new Johnnie Walker platinum right next to the blue.

Over the years Costco has experimented with a speyside single malt which they will not tell you where they got it from and they’ve got Oban and Dahlwinnie. Both of those are too harsh and peaty for me under normal conditions. They also have had, at different times, all the different Glenlivets: the 12 , 15 and 18 and the nadurra. Today I noticed they also had the Talisker… Talisker “storm”.

I once tasted Talisker; That’s stuff is something you should run your car with. Talisker tastes like they done took the smokey wooden remains of a Scottish village that had been burned to the ground by the Danes in 905AD and squeezed out the sea water that was used to douse the fire, kept it around to age for 1100 years and added it to normal scotch to give it “complexity”. The box even brags about the briny flavor. I might have to try it…but I’d have to REALLy be I an experimental mood.

Anyway it looks to me like from the wide selection of scotches that Costco is presenting these days that scotch is the new discount “in” thing.


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