Armen Chakmakjian

The air is getting thin up here…

In Random on January 19, 2014 at 5:56 am

I’ve written in a couple of posts about Costco discovering scotch, and how they’ve upgraded to a glass case for some of them.  Today I did a double-take and then I had to laugh.  Take a look at these prices:



ok lets do the math folks, once again:

25.6/1.5 =17 shots in a fifth.  that means that at home, not counting tax, that each shot in that bottle is 2800/17 = $165 .  that’s (as a guess 300% markup at a bar) = $500 a shot.

Ok so I know the math isn’t exact…but boy anything at that altitude is truly conspicuous consumption.  You don’t drink that alone, you drink that for…hell I don’t know what event in life requires a shot of whiskey that expensive.  

Oh, I get it, that is for the guy who buys his 2014 Bentley Mulsanne using the Costco Auto Program for less than 300K…because they were looking for a bargain?

I just had to laugh.  


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