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Paper -from Facebook

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Ok this smacks of “if apple had created a Facebook app” and from what read, apple expatriates were on the team building this at Facebook.

First, start with the splash screens and the VoiceOver. You see a iPhone 5s in it. Then the simple drag and drop to choose categories…off a wheel. The the simple swipe gestures to open and close an article. It’s brilliant.

Now re-presenting people’s updates in the same metaphor as the links to articles! This creates the option for content creators to blog right from Facebook to their closed circle…because that content is treated as first class content.

I tried linked’s version of this called pulse. Honestly it didn’t make me want to dump the regular LinkedIn app. This kinda makes me flirt with never opening the Facebook app again.

Now if they only came out with the full iPad version of the app, instead of just the phone app.


In and out of phones…

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It’s fairly interesting to watch google go in and out of the handset part of the business. First the g1, then the nexus, then buying Motorola. I’m sure by holding a bunch of the patents while selling off the design and manufacturing they end up as a handset patent troll. Or, there might be something more basic going on. While android has dominated the handset market for a couple of years as a software platform, this could mean that, yes, apple did win the phone wars with their integrated solution from a brand POV. And the other thing is that palpable is that google wants to be seen as a leader in wearable computing (google glass for example) locking up more patents before there is even a market.

That transition from handset to wearable technology may be where google sees the future. But from a user experience and branding POV, the 800lb gorilla, with the closed ecosystem, with throngs of acolytes and believers, Apple, has yet to enter the fray. Whatever apple does, it will not be clunky but cool technology (Like glass), it will not be open and have 73 version (like android), it will not be “and us too” like chrome books.

The sand in the ointment here is AppleTV. There seem to be a lot of them out there now but of all of apple’s products, it is the most like a google product. It never made the transition to ubiquitous use. Many people use it for getting to Netflix or mirroring their iPad or laptop screens. They use it as a technology rather than central hub. So I had an idea…a while ago…

In my scifi novel (which I wrote in 2007 and published in 2008) I speculated on a technology called a comm pad. It was a large wrist display somewhat like a handset or even a QBs Velcro wrist play book. When entering a room on a ship or in a building there was always a large display on the wall. The characters would often be talking to or tapping on their wrist display and looking up stuff in the field, but in a room their wrist display interacted with the large display on the wall. You could control the large display from your wrist as well as mirror what you saw on your wrist on the the wall. When you interacted with the large display directly, some relevant things would be sent to the wrist device. In some ways my idea was more like a microsoft’s windows 8 ui on the wall and on the wrist. Both devices knew about each other and the users use model and would work together

I think that’s ultimately how all these devices should work together. They act as an integrated experience, like one device that knows about you and puts the relevant information you’ve requested on the display most appropriate for you to consume it on. Look something up on your wrist, it’s a large map, the wall display shows it. Interact with your calendar on the wall, the wrist device reflects the change. For example…

Anyway, just musing over my Saturday morning coffee…