Armen Chakmakjian

How to get a headache when something isn’t turnkey…

In Random on January 2, 2015 at 7:49 pm

Received a new router from Verizon today so I plugged it in per the instructions and no dice. The Internet connection light was orange. Poked around on the Internet to figure out what I had to do. Need to do a DHCP release. That meant logging into the old router. New router has the admin password right on the label the old router does not. Went back to the google and figured out that what the password for the admin account might be. Turns out the password for the router is the serial number on these older Fios routers.

Just then I noticed that one of the cat5 wires is plugged into the back of the router that just a few minutes ago was blinking green was no longer blinking. Inspected the connection tried plugging it into different sockets a few times then noticed that one of the wires has snapped leading into the connector. Remembered that I have a phone and cat 5 crimping tool set in the garage went out and got it cut the wire. Was a little ticked that this was getting more involved than it was supposed to.

It was then I came to the realization that I have presbyopia. Trying to get eight wires, one green and one blue, one orange, one brown and white versions with a strip of the solid colors was challenging enough until I looked at the old cable and saw the trading of the color pairs. Trying of each of those busted pairs into tiny little holes was almost impossible for me to see.

It didn’t help that the lighting in that room was terrible. I kept putting my glasses on taking them off, checking that I have the wires in the right order and then got the crimping tool and crimped the connection. When I plugged it into the router, it didn’t light up. when I tried to pull the connector out of the router the wires left the connector, meaning that I had not stuck the tiny little wires far enough into the connector to actually have them catch when I crimped. Sigh.

So I pulled another connector out of the bag and struggle once again to make sure that all the tiny little wires went into all the tiny little slots, pushed an extra time, took my glasses off and checked that the wires all reached the inside end of the slots and recrimped. Plugged it in and got the green light.

Now I had a headache.

Went back my iPad, Logged in to the admin account using the serial number, then I poked around all over the menus and screens and couldn’t find a button or a hyperlink or anything that would allow me to do the DHCP release.

What the heck?

So then I went back to the Internet and verizon instructions said, this class of routers didn’t have that function (who thought of this?) wait two hours after you’ve unplugged the old router and then plug in the new router. So that is what I will do tonight. Why didn’t the enclosed instruction just say that?

Now I will deal with my headache 😉


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