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In Random on August 29, 2015 at 11:18 pm

So 10 years ago I started buying bottles of Villa Antinori wine from Costco.  I had been buying Villa Antinori for some time, but then I saw the story about the family Vineyard on 60 minuteIMG_0170s and it might’ve been a repeat at that time. For whatever reason, I was so enthralled by the story, I started saving one bottle each year at the bottom of my wine fridge. I had decided that, just like I opened a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue that I had saved for a couple of years at my graduation party, that I’d open these bottles at some big event… (By the way, the graduation I’m referring to was my MBA 2 years ago…not college the first time through…back then it was beer 😉 )

Later on I read somewhere that you can’t save wine for more than 10 years IMG_0171these days.  So rather than wait for some day when my luck would inevitably cause it to bad wine day, I thought I go to the oldest of the six bottles of wine that I’ve saved starting at 2004, and I was going to try it out.

I figured that this was my last official summer cookout for 2015 as the next couple of weekends are packed and this has been a tumultuous winter, spring and summer.  This was the 2015 of record-setting snows, followed by a relatively huge release of code at my job, then some health scares for various people close and distant, Daniel’s graduation from Northeastern, the genocide centennial events, the visit from the Armenian Catholicos from Lebanon to our parish, Samuel going to Venice to study Armenian again…it goes on and on.

IMG_0173I did open up the oldest bottle, the 2004. As you can see the cork was well-covered with sediment. The cork had a slightly vinegary scent to it and I was a little worried that it had gone bad. I poured just a little into a glass and sniffed…no mothballIMG_0175 smell. Tasted it, familiar taste…actually almost exactly as I remember why I started buying that wine in the first place, with just a slight bit more tannins.

I paired it with grilled pork chops (with the spices I’d use on my chicken kebab) and roasted veggies.  It was great.  We ended the meal with a Dulsao do Brasil espresso latte for mIMG_0176y wife and a Vivalto Lungo (black) for me.

I’ll report later on each year that I open. Just have to pick the next event.


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