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Quick Update on all the Apple “OS” updates today

In apple, technology on September 14, 2016 at 4:23 am

So I’ve been running the iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra beta’s for a while, so those features were no longer a mystery to me. Having Siri on my desktop is somewhat useful. I can have it actuate Chrome by just saying “Chrome”. I can ask “What year was George Washington born?” and I get back a Wikipedia article and Siri tells me the MDY of George Washington’s birth. It’s ok, I still don’t get Siri to understand me all the time, so it’s just extending my normal annoyance with it to my MacBook and Mac Mini.

Anyway, I did update my Apple TV to tvOS 10, and I enabled Dark Mode. That was nice, Thank you. I was even able to ask Siri to do it. Many Thanks, indeed. Other than that, I couldn’t tell anything had changed. The Home app wasn’t visible and since SSO isn’t enabled yet, yawn.

I did also update my Watch to WatchOS 3. Now I got me some nice features. and some yawns.

  1. Reminders App! got myself excited. then Yawn. Reminders could already be added by using Siri, so since you can’t do anything but complete an item in the app (and show completed items with a 3D push) it’s kind of yawn.  I might use it.
  2. Find my friends on the iPhone looks good.
  3. Swiping faces, useful, but kinda yawn.
  4. The new weather app (which I have as a complication on my watch face) now forces you to 3D touch to switch between temp, precip, and forecast.  and tapping now brings up the 10 day forecast. sort of yawn to more complex interaction than needed.  The old one was better.
  5. Heartbeat app was nice and now accessible both in the dock and as a separate app…
  6. Breath. I tested it and it will remind me tomorrow. I suppose this could be useful to force me to meditate once in a while.
  7. The camera app seems to have some more controls added to it, seems ok. control flash and other things…or maybe that was already there using a 3D touch and I never tried it. Anyway being able to reverse the camera from the watch is good.
  8. I enabled watch to unlock my MacBook, but I can’t tell if it is working or not since every time I come back, it appears unlocked already…I’ll see in the morning.
  9. The dock itself might be useful.  Getting to it using the side button is good.  I’ve already forgotten how the old thing worked.  I think it was a swipe up or something. Never found it really useful.

There are a bunch of other things to try in the coming days…apple’s version of graffiti on the watch should be interesting or useless.

I hear that apple pay is supported in the Starbucks app on the 6s.  At the moment you can use the Starbucks card in wallet (on the watch) as a bar code OR you can use apple pay, but not both…so I default to the Starbucks card in (watch) wallet so I get my frequent drink rewards.   In the iOS app on my 6S+ it tells me that apple pay is enabled, but it doesn’t seem to do anything to tie ApplePay to the starbucks card.  I poked around the web to figure this out and got only articles from 2015 and the iTunes store.  So I gave up.

Looks useful overall and the watch does seem a bit snappier, so I’d say for those who don’t like to change  things, this you should do.


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