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Free excerpt of my Kindle Sci-Fi novel: Urtaru

Here’s an excerpt (a pdf file)

Urtaru Excerpts

from my book Urtaru which is available on the Amazon Kindle and in my bookstore.  Obviously the long-term goal is to finish the trilogy.

If you’re on Facebook, and this excerpt is interesting to you look up Urtaru and become of fan of my page.  I’d love to hear what your reactions are here or there.  I’ll admit I’m writing these stories because I want to, and if as a side effect I can entertain some people and maybe get rich and famous, awesome.  Also please visit my book website for more details

A little bit of background:

So being this quirky, religious, technology, semi-musical, Monty Python, Star Trek, Patrick McGoohan Prisoner, minority ethnic type, I’ve written the first book in trilogy.  (You can read more about my plans for the sequel in one of the posts on my blog)

In my particular case, it’s a book that throws together most of those things (I leave the Monty Python out).   I based it roughly on the stories that my father told me about my grandfather who made his way through the Middle East and eventually to the US.    It’s a science fiction novel that pits the the space equivalent of the Russian, Persian and Turkish Empires, with a planet roughly equivalent to Armenia in the middle.

the inspiration for the trilogy are the stories my father told me all my life about my grandfather and specifically the ones that I forced him to tell me while he (my father) was dying from cancer.   My grandfather was an exceptionally talented individual who seemed like a superhero in the family, even if he was never really James Bond.

The first book takes my grandfather’s character through a series of James Bond-esque situations.  There’s a “Gates of Vienna” type siege broken by something like Jan Sobieski and Knights Templar kind of mashup.  There’s an eschatological 3 generation prophecy and a couple of religions.  I’m a bit romantic and steeped in my father’s stories of Arabs, the Israelis and the British, and particularly the British, I’ve worked the archetypes into the story.  Of course being Armenian descent, you also have the Russian, Persian and Turkish influences.  So you add that all up and you get a conflict.


Armen Chakmakjian

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