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Obama’s Need for a Blackberry…Mil Spec…

In Random on January 26, 2009 at 5:22 am

So a friend of mine is interviewed on this Bloomberg clip about the new super secret NSA style phone that they are going to allow President Obama to have.

I thought I’d cross-post this from youtube in Michael’s honor. He now joins the Armenian speaking Chinese guy on my blog hall of fame…:-)

Me and the G1

In technology on December 16, 2008 at 6:47 am

OK so I’ve recently acquired a G1 to do some debug at work for our platforms.  For those of you who do not know, the G1 is the phone from Google, that might someday rival the iPhone.  It’s put out by T-Mobile.

The G1 has a lot of cool feature like excellent integration with the major google apps.  Gmail and Calendar are easy to use and once I dumped my address book on my mac to a csv and uploaded iphoto-19t into google contacts, voi la, the phone was populated.

One interesting thing is that google docs are only readable.  This sucks because I could see editing a spreadsheet (at least doing spreadsheet like calculations) and currently this is not a feature.  The thing is that in a few cases, I’ve done collaborative editting with others with the Google spreadsheet and it’d be nice to be able to do that from this device.

The form factor is kind of brick like.  It is NOT an iPhone and even though I hate my BlackBerry Pearl, it’s size is easier for the chest pocket.   Battery life seems ok.   3G service is much better than Edge on my BlackBerry, but when I am at home, 3G does not replace a wifi connection.

The thing gets pretty hot!  I had it on for a few minutes and when I held it in my hand, it was definitely not cooling.

The screen is very clear and youtube videos look great on it.

The Market app was nice and I was able to quickly find a twitter client, Twitli, that seems to work ok.  That it is free also makes up for being ok.

Oh yeah, and no flash player kind of makes it difficult on any site that has nice charts and stuff.  For example the wordpress blog dashboard works except for the charts, which are the interesting thing to drill down on to see what the traffic flow is.

Now the thing that really irks me.  When the G1 does not have the keyboard exposed, there is no way to do text input.   This is starting to drive me nuts.  Any time I need to type something in, turn the thing sideways and slide.  UGH!  I know the palm stylus is SOOOO 90’s but if you aren’t going to provide a rudimentary virtual keyboard, at least give me finger graffiti.

Anyway I’m going to continue playing…