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A recurring theme: my Kindle DX

In Business & Finance, iPad, Kindle, Literature, Social Media on May 30, 2011 at 4:36 pm

The last two days were pretty much consumed with home maintenance and yard maintenance.  I woke up late this morning, and various muscles hurt in places that I didn’t think I used.  So I went and set up the coffee and checked my phone for email and messages.  It was a pretty quiet morning from a data pov.

Once the coffee was brewed, I decided that I wanted to read a newspaper.  Having read through the Sunday Globe yesterday, there wasn’t much there.  I thought to myself, Hey how about the FT on the kindle? So I got my DX out and went to the store and saw that the FT available as a single issue to me was from Friday.  I didn’t want to read Friday’s news.  So I decided that I’d download today’s New York Times.  It was only $0.99.

I poured my coffee into my official home coffee mug that was a Xmas present from a couple of years ago.  It is a mug my wife bought when we visited the Statue of Liberty 2 years ago during our Thanksgiving trip to NYC.  Anyway, coffee poured and newspaper downloaded I went and sat outside on the patio.  The sky was a bit overcast, and every few minutes, I’d feel a drop, but it never started to rain.  I sat there reading the today’s New York Times on my Kindle DX out in my backyard.  I had forgotten my phone inside so there were no electronic distractions.

As I was reading and sipping coffee, I heard the birds chirping.  I’d hear a rustling in the leaves under the Forsythia bushes next to my grill gazebo, and I’d see a squirrel digging around.  I returned to reading.  I read about Doctor’s in Maine, trouble in the soon-to-be Southern Sudan republic, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and the Tornado saga from the midwest.  I learned about a guy building a to scale replica of Noah’s ark in Holland, and how he had to work through all the modern building codes.  I read editorials, op-eds and letters to the editor.  I noticed that the coffee was low in the mug, went inside, poured a second cup and went back outside.  I read some sports stuff, a chipmunk ran across the yard, read about Tom Watson in particular.  Then after about an hour, I finished.

I really enjoy reading on my Kindle.  I had an iPad for a while, and I just never saw the utility, especially since I have my droid phone and my mac.   I tried all kinds of apps, but I just didn’t get into it.  I can see how others would (that’s why I own apple stock).   However, I  think that Jeff Bezos’ is right in the idea that people who “read deeply” need a device .


Now I’ve entered the Digital Reading age…

In Kindle, Literature, Religion, Science Fiction, technology, web 2.0 on July 30, 2009 at 1:17 am

OK so up to this point I’ve blogged and tweeted, updated my Facebook feed and hooked all my various digital incarnations together so

that I can update them all at the same time…Digital ubiquity has been achieved.  I’ve published a book, so Digital publishing was achieved.

Tonight, as Darth Vader would say, “the circle is now complete”

My birthday present was a Kindle II from my family.   And of course the first thing I loaded was…an excerpt of my book, Urtaru, available on Amazon’s Kindle service.   Being the geek,  I tried a whole mess of things first…reading the users manual on the Kindle, using the rudimentary web browser to look at my blog, but I finally got around to seeing my book on a real Kindle.   I suppose the event was equivalent to that which a writer who gets a first copy of a paper published book has when they get that first copy.  The feel that tactile feedback of hanging on to that first copy of their work wasn’t the same, but I’m a geek.   I was just psyched to download the excerpt.  And it looked beautiful.

Up to this point I always saw my book on the MacBook screen rendered by a PDF reader.   Now I saw it on the medium that it was intended to be delivered on.  I come from an emotional people so, I admit, having my own kindle, with my own book overwhelmed me emotionally.  I was on the verge of tears.  

This was a significant effort on my part.  Its 350 pages of Sci-Fi Fantasy.  It took me 20 months to write and about another year to really clean up.   I want to thank the other writers on, several of my friends, and my elder son who all gave me honest feedback which I have used to get the book to the (at least) digital publishable state.

My review on the kindle itself?  Well there’s something almost Newton about it.  It’s a cool and a bit awkward. It doesn’t have a mouse or a stylus or a touchscreen.  The keyboard is a little weird but functional…

But the text is BEAUTIFUL.  Even reading websites that aren’t rendered specifically for the kindle, the text was AWESOME.

Of course this wasn’t the DX…but the size is manageable.  It fit in my hand.

As you can tell I’m very excited.  As I use it more I’ll provide more feedback but WOO HOO!

PS if you have an iPhone or a Kindle, consider at least downloading an excerpt of my book, you might be surprised.  I don’t consider myself a flunky, this was the real thing.