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And 6 hours later with Glass…

In Random, Social Media, technology on December 1, 2013 at 3:01 am

In my earlier post today, it was before I went out with glass on my face. My wife and I did a quick trip to Costco at about 5pm today and I went in wearing Glass with the little mono ear bud dongle. For the most part people were politely trying not to stare at me (although I could tell that there were trying to figure out what that was on my head). I was wearing my typical winter getup, leather jacket and black fedora so it was only slightly disconcerting to the people. I walked around the store and did a few “OK Glass, Take a picture” of items and their prices. At a certain point, my wife and I had to back track to an end cap near the entrance to look at something on sale. When I turned around I noticed that the young guy trying to get customers to sign up for Amex was looking at me funny. Kinda had a smile on his face. He said, “Is that..” and I interrupted, “Google Glass”

He said, “That’s so cool, how is it working for you.” I gave the explanation above about the simple utility of taking a picture here and there, although I’d be seen as talking to myself. He chuckled. “I’ve never seen one.” I mentioned that one limitation was that although it was bt tethered to my iPhone, w/o internet access it was basically just a bt earpiece and camera and no more. He said that when he first saw me he was wondering if it was some weird earpiece (because of the dongle of course). A co-worker of his heard our conversation and tried to tell me to go and talk to the phone stand there because I could get a wi-fi hotspot from Verizon. I mentioned I could do that with my phone as is so getting another device wasn’t worth it at the moment.

Anyway, I continued to shop and snap off pictures of potential items we might buy. Then I had an “Avoid being a Glasshole moment. I had to visit the facilities, and immediately took Glass off and put it in its pouch and then into my pocket. It started to hit me that general walking around might be ok, but there are certain places where it wouldn’t be acceptable.

When I was done, I put it back on. of course on the drive to and back I did not have it on also, having something obscuring my 49-year-old eyesight at nightfall (even off) is like having a blind spot on your face.

Finally I came home. I’m coming to the conclusion that the glass is very similar to my Livescribe pen. As you know the Livescribe pens have audio recording capability that synchronizes with what you’re writing for later playback. both the glass and the Livescribe are great when doing research or listening to a public lecture, as a couple of examples. However because they are taking on a normal operation (looking or in the case of a Livescribe pen, taking notes) that are culturally perceived as mostly non-threatening, and then adding the ability to record a secondary track that may or may not be detectable to the people in the environment, you have an ethical privacy situation that you are creating.

Here’s the dilemma that both devices create. people see you doing one thing…and assume that there is an imperfect recording (in the observers brain…or even on paper) of the scene. However, with these devices, there is the possibility of a secondary recording (in this case video or pictures, in the case of the Livescribe an audio recording) that would necessarily need someone’s else’s approval to do (at least tacit).

The difference with holding up a phone and snapping off a picture is that the gesture of lifting the camera and addressing your target is very obvious and someone can ask you to stop. in the case of these extension of the human recording operation devices, one might not know that that is what you are doing.

I also went into the Costco wine/liquor shop for a moment and when I had gathered my purchase and went to the counter the rep was looking at me funny as I handed him my credit card. I said, “Yes, it’s a google glass.” His response was “Way cool, I’ve never seen one, how does it work for you?”

This is turning out to be the common question now 🙂

24 hrs with glass

In Random, Social Media, technology on November 30, 2013 at 9:09 pm

No I haven’t left the house yet with it.


General observations:

  • Snapping off a quick picture of the family at the table for leftovers was easy.
  • Once I got Evernote hooked up, saving a quick note to myself is easy (speech to text).
  • Sending a short email was ok once I got a couple of contacts added to the glass contact list was predictable and easy.
  • Because I’m an iPhone user I don’t get text messaging/sms or directions which stinks.
  • Sharing a picture to any service, email, Evernote wasn’t too bad, although not having the ability to annotate the picture with text (using text to speech for a caption) seems like glaring dumbness…Or the ability to do so is so non-obvious that it’s a massive usability miss.
  • Googled a few things and it is ok.
  • I did figure out how to use glass to send a message via ifttt email to my wemo outlets. I’d have used sms to do this, but for the iPhone limitation. The truth is that I don’t need glass to do this, but it was fun for a demo. The time delay for email processing is significant though. I say “send a message to kitchen light…Hashtag kitchen off” and glass figures out I mean #kitchenoff and sends it. 30 second later, the wemo reacts to the command.
  • I haven’t yet figured out how to send a text tweet or a Facebook status update, even though I can share a picture.

Will keep experimenting…

Features designed by geeks…

In iPad, Science Fiction on June 28, 2010 at 4:18 am

So I have a kindle (as you may know).  I love my kindle, but there are some days that this product reminds me of the latter days of the Palm handhelds (not the phones…think back before they bought handspring).

So Amazon comes out with a new set of features 2 of which I had waited for

  1. Pan and Zoom on PDF files
  2. Sharing (aka social media sharing)

So for Pan and Zoom, they did a good job given the hardware constraints.  you kind of use the same key to adjust the size that you do for the fonts, and then you pan with the joystick.  Works pretty well.  But this is a feature, while necessary, completely fails the easy to use test except for the people who design things like this.  You have to go to 2 different places on the keyboard and use the toggle to do several things.

I guess my main gripe is really the toggle. It’s such a goofy and inexact way of (probably) getting around violating someone’s patent on a touchpad for the product.  However, like I said, the feature allows you to do pan and zoom on pdf, so I figured it out and I’ll use it.

For the other feature, clip and share (or whatever they call it), from a kindle hw use model they nailed it correctly.  You use an existing known feature (highlighting) and then you give the user a choice (near the bottom of the screen) to share it.  The setup for facebook and twitter was easy but slightly slow because you have to do it on the awkward keyboard on the kindle.   Once you are done you go to the thing you are reading, and in this case it was the Atlantic Monthly Magazine which I subscribed to on the Kindle, and you highlight something.

Well, here’s where they goofed.  On Facebook (as you can see in the photo) , you get to see your personal comment, but there is no indication what article the clip was from (unless you type it in yourself).   You do see the Magazine.  However, the bulk of a text says Amazon Kindle twice in different ways, tells you that you’ve sent it to Facebook (well DUH!) and since you’ve got no indication what this is, I doubt anyone (but myself) has actually clicked on the link because they won’t know what this is.

On Twitter, it’s even worse.  Here given the 140 character limit, you’d think they wouldn’t waste space.  Every website that allows sharing, puts a little “ -” and then the title of the article and then a shortened url ( or whatever).  Not Amazon.  Look at the clip below from tweetdeck.  It says nothing!  it has just my text and an amazon URL and no indication what work the clipping was from.  OH, and an #Kindle hashtag.  you have no idea that this is an article from Atlantic.  All you know is that this is a link and that I have made an editorial comment.  I mean you could have put a hashtag for #Atlantic or something…

I don’t know, this feature doesn’t seem correct to me.  It looks like amazon has spent time trying to make sure that someone can get to the clip, they haven’t figured out how to tell someone WHY they should go.  Usually the why is Work & ArticleTitle and my editorial comment.

Anyway.  That’s my brain dump for this evening.

A Marketing Experiment via tweets…

In Kindle, Literature, Random, Science Fiction, Social Media, technology, web 2.0 on January 18, 2010 at 2:34 am

With all the SEO experts, social media experts, marketing gurus and whatnot, I thought I’d try something.  I’ve scheduled 4 tweets on peoplebrowser to appear every 5040 minutes, each one about 20 minutes apart about my book, Urtaru.  These will repeat 9 times each.  Given my social network map which I talked about in another blog post (which now has yahoomeme attached to it) I should be able to hit the 4 corners of the earth twice a week.

So as to have a good sense of my clicks, I have to see what people are clicking on, and google analytics on my book website.  If the clicker ends up in my blog on wordpress, that has some level of analytics too, and can send people to my google/ links.

We’ll see how it goes.

Modified my social network map…

In Random, technology, web 2.0 on January 18, 2009 at 3:37 pm
What a tangled web we weave part II

What a tangled web we weave part II

In another post I started to map this out.  So last night, I started poking around each of my feeds to make sure that I got it right.  I don’t use utterli much so when I went over there I noticed that my feed from ping was going there.   I’m not seeing stuff from double pumping into twitter if I start at so something smart is going on here.  As one comment pointed out in my original post on all the social networks I was looking at, I can see how the ping -> friendfeed as the two ends is pretty useful.  The only thing that is odd is that the thing that I was trying to avoid was double pumping any of the sites, and it looks like friendfeed gets a copy of at least 3 to 4 depending on where the content starts.   I suppose in that way, I can use FriendFeed as a diagnostic tool for the rest of the network.  If for some reason something isn’t getting through I can tell from there.  But the jury is still out.

Truly though, there has to be a winnowing of technologies here.   As I mentioned somewhere else, back in the day when Palm first added the IrDA to beam things to other devices (before bluetooth), I had a small 2 line 2-way skypage motorola pager.  It had a single toggle key to allow you to blip out <300 character messages which could go from one pager to another (via the 877 numbers) or to an email address, or call a phone number and have the message read to the person answering (that was cool).   In those days most people still didn’t bring laptops to meetings, but I had my palm and a keyboard.  Which was an oddity.  Then I found an app on the palm that talked to the pager via the IrDA and I was able to send email real time in meetings to people and not be staring into my pager (like people do now with blackberries).  Somebody would say, we need an email sent to so and so, and I’d say, “Give me a sec”  I’d type it in, pick the person’s name from my palm address book, and hit send, and lift up my pager to the top of the palm and zing the message went out.  This was actually not dissimilar to tweeting because I could send email to distributions also.  Just as I got this all debugged and working (I also used Lotus Organizer on top of Lotus Notes to sync my palm….I could draw a map like the above about how this was all connected) Moto and RIM started coming out with the pagers with the small thumb keyboards attached.   My marrying of technologies was no longer looked upon as cool, it was suddenly a contraption right out of Rube Goldberg.

I mention that story because, again, having all these social networks all pinging each other is quite cool.  But at some point it is technology for technologies sake and will be winnowed, or whittled down so that the web isn’t just a rat’s nest.  There really ought to be 1-3 front end content generators (for arguments sake, Google MSN/Yahoo WordPress) which talk through a couple of sieves (Twitter, Facebook, Some IM engine) and maybe have a couple of rss feed aggregators (Google, FF).  I’m not picking technologies I’m somewhat agnostic (or in this case omni-gnostic),  I’m just saying, there are too many things now and winnowing is inevitable.