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Capture, resonance and exchange in the social media world…

In Random, Social Media, technology, web 2.0 on May 22, 2009 at 11:46 pm

So I’ve been watching the activity on my blog, and through google analytics on my site.  I can pretty much see where people are coming from and how long they stay and with a little effort, I could see where they go.  One way I can tell where they go is that they end up clicking on adsense ads on my site, and WP does a good job of telling me where people clicked out of my blog.

That being said, I’m starting to form a concept that has 3 parts.   These are capture, resonance and exchange.

The capture is ads or searches or links (twitter/facebook/digg) that lead people to your property.   That’s very measurable.

The resonance is inverse of bounce rate except that it is a higher level of abstraction.  It really is how long you can keep people in your orbit.   So if a person sees a link on one of my tweets, ends up poking around my website (which I watch through google analytics) then goes over to my blog (at which I can see some level of stats on WP) or my facebook product fan page (which also gives some level of stats).    So resonance is that ability to keep someone in your world for one moment longer learning something they didn’t know.

Finally there is exchange.  Exchange is when people click on an adsense ad you’ve place or go to your product site (like where my book is on Amazon) and turn that into a financial transaction.    It’s pretty interesting to track people in the waves that they come in and see them end up at one of the $$ endpoints.  On some of them (like adsense) I get paid for every click.  On Amazon, they get there and either buy or they don’t.

To some extent once they’ve left the site and gone onto adsense or Amazon, I’ve lost them for now or for good. I get a few cents for the adsense click or I may make a sale of my book.  but in either case, the interaction ends at that point.

So as an experiment for this weekend, I’m going to point you people to a couple of my links and see where they end up.

My Amazon site

My Blog (which you are on)

My website

My Digg profile

My twitter profile

My facebook profile

My facebook product page

my linkedin profile

I’ll let you know the results…on Monday night (Memorial Day)


Workplace and QuickBase at Web 2.0 2008 in New York

In technology on September 18, 2008 at 2:24 am

In continuation of a phenomenal year for me, I’ve had the pleasure of managing one of the best product development organizations I’ve ever been associated with.  QuickBase alone is a very important product and has changes the way work groups share data or map a process but keep that data in the cloud, bypassing your IT department.   Using that very same technology, we’ve created a completely separate and different product offering…a platform called Intuit Workplace that allows 3rd party developers to create compelling apps (using Adobe Flex) and sell them in a marketplace head to head with competing solutions.

We’ve partnered with several online software as a service companies to deliver the Workplace experience in such a way that these 3rd party developers can sell their apps and we will provide them a place where end-users looking for QuickBooks connected web apps can buy them and will allow them to share data that is housed on their backoffice machine.  We’ve created a shopping mall for web products that help people share info…

This has been one of those “soul of a new machine” or “dreaming in code” years for me.  It’s really awesome to be a part of the current conversation…solving the socialization of business data issue while the conversation is still in debate.    As Quicken, Turbotax and QuickBooks have shaped a generation of people on how to use their computers to manage their finacial lives and businesses, I think Intuit, QuickBase and Workplace are once again shaping how people share and interact with data.

Can you tell I’m excited?